Extras for THATd'Or bookings

THATRue is a street hunt which we have in both the Latin Quarter (3 distinct routes, in English and Spanish) and the Marais (2 distinct routes currently only in Spanish). One route takes 60 to 90 minutes & is scheduled on your own after your museum hunt. We bring THATRue when we meet you for your museum hunt, but please note THATRue is not sold independently of our museum hunts (we have discontinued our postal/drop off service), unless your group is 12 or more. It’s often customized for Hen/Stag/Birthday parties, corporate hunts (the Dutch Embassy sent 70 a-hunting recently) or for school groups (it was originally built for 150 American high school teens who used all three routes simultaneously). More info can be seen here.
THATRue costs 20€/1 module, 30€/2 modules, 35€/3 modules

THATRue Harry Potter 
THATRue Harry Potter is our newest street hunt, with one key difference: it’s inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series! Drawing links between Paris & the magical world of the Harry Potter books (& films) this THATRue takes hunters on a 2 hour wander, beginning in the Louvre’s Cour Carrée, and ending in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral. As it starts in the neighbourhood of the Louvre, you’re welcome to cross the river and do it directly after your THATd'Or, or to come back another day. Although the Harry Potter THATRue is designed to be inclusive, so that Potterheads and casual fans alike can play (with questions ranging in points and geared to different levels of fandom), please note that at least some basic knowledge of the series is required to be able to answer questions.
THATRue Harry Potter costs 20€ in addition to your THATLou or THATd'Or