THATd'Or Sample Clue

Edouard Manet (Paris 1832 - 1883)
Oil on Canvas, H2.07M x W2.65M
Sex sells. And any PR maven knows that bad publicity is the best publicity. Manet surely calculated every inch of shock factor that this painting unleashed. Just the large canvas (reserved for important historical subjects), roughly painted background lacking any depth (is that woman floating or bathing back there?) and intentional, unrealistic light (where are the shadows? There aren’t any!) were all screams for attention, let alone the subject. Originally entitled Le Bain, Manet took the hotly-desired rejection from society a step further by making the objectionable subjects close to him: the two dandies – indifferent to the naked prostitute picnicking with them – are his brother & brother-in-law; the naked woman has the body of his wife and head of his favorite model. Parodying Raphaël, Giorgione and Titian (painters Manet, a Beaux-Arts graduate, coveted), Manet exhibited it in the 1863 Salon des Refusés, where both Proust and Odilon Redon spurned it. Well done! Manet got his much-sought attention from the Bois de Boulogne (the forest to the west of Paris, where it was commonly attributed), to London, where a smaller version of Luncheon on the Grass can be seen at the Courtauld Gallery. Now that you’ve found this, earn 20 THATMuse points if you toddle over to the Café Campana, found on your map near the enormous train clock, and pose as the trio on the grass (you can keep your clothes on) on the plateau above the café for everyone to watch. Is your dignity for sale?!?