THATLou Sample Clue

Paolo Caliari, aka VERONESE (Verona 1528 - Venice 1588)
16th Century Italian Painting, H6.77M x W9.9M (the biggest painting in the Louvre!)

The Benedictine monks of St Giorgio Maggiore (the Palladian church on the Venetian island of the same name) commissioned Veronese to do this monumental work to decorate their new refectory. Hung at 2.5 meters high, the idea was to give the illusion of extended space. It’s huge -- 6 meters by 10 – larger than many Parisian flats! One has to wonder how pure these monks were though, considering the sumptuousness of the 130 fellow diners in this panel. Moreover one wonders how abstinent they were, considering the subject: Christ’s first miracle, when he attended a wedding that was about to run dry, he turned the water to wine, making him everyone’s favorite wedding guest. Filled to the brim with delights, thirty bonus points if you count how many dogs are in this painting and another ten if two of your team get down on all fours and poses like those two dogs in the foreground. And yes this is the room with the highest foot-traffic (80% of 30K people a day!): The Mona Lisa is watching you! Is your pride for sale?