THATRue Launch

Containing my excitement over the THATRue Launch is inconceivable! Although the two treasure hunts aren’t entirely finished, I’ve had a ball adding in silly requests to personify fire or sway like a drunken boat, etc. I just hope everyone remembers that this weekend there’s a time change.

As some of you remember, I launched THATLou with the help of co-hosts Kasia Dietz and Forest Collins in March 2012, pitting teams of bloggers against each other on the race to find treasure at the Louvre. In the same vein, Kasia and Forest have generously lent their time and donated the game prizes to celebrate the company’s 2-year birthday with this THAT expansion to the streets of the Latin Quarter. Meant as a supplement and self-guided hunt on the Rues of Paris, you can see more on THATRue here.  For now I’ll leave you with a list of our fine hunters (team order will be alphabetically by first name, not by blog name):

Après New York

Carina Okula

Ella Coquine


Folies du Bonheur

Fox in Paris

Danielle Abroad

Gateau Mama

Girls’ Guide to Paris


HIP Paris


The Kale Project

Lil & Destinations

Lost in Cheeseland

LouLou in Paris

Love in the City of Lights


Obvious State

Out and About in Paris

Paris Info (Tourist Board)

Paris Up Close & Personal

Paris Weekender

Patricia Parisienne

Pictours Paris

Set in Paris

Sugar Daze

Totally Frenched Out

Victoria in Paris

Wine Tasting in Paris

Wendy Smith Photography